Glass Carafe Bottle
Pregadéu Els Vinyerons 2017 Catalonia, Spain
Xarel-lo. Lovely and dry. Green apples and some citrus notes. To do the minimum. To express the maximum. This is the guiding principle of Els Vinyerons winemaking.
Champagne Decelle Brut Gyejacquot Freres Aube, France
Champagne blend. Soft, dry, creamy and well balanced. A wonderful champagne.
Les Grandes Vignes Rose Estezargues Rhone Valley, France
Cinsault, grenache, syrah. Really fresh and dry. So easy to drink and appreciate.
7.5 28 34
Cuvee Marine Domaine de Menard 2017 Cotes de Gascoigne, France
Sauvignon based blend. Crisp and dry with notes of green apple. Zesty, fresh and very easy to drink.
Le P’tit Blanc Domaine des Sablonnettes 2018 Loire, France
Chenin blanc. A really well made wine. Crisp, dry, balanced and possessing great minerality.
8 29 37
Semillon Hardesty Cellars 2017 California, USA Semillion and Sauvignon. Chad Hardesty set out 2006 to grow and make high quality wines that are true to the idea of terroir. Here we have a wine that has developed colour and ripened fruit notes notes whilst retaining crisp, dry, acidity. 8.5 30 39
Cotes du Rhone Domaine la Luminaille 2017 Rhone, France
Clairette and Marsanne blend. A really fresh, crisp dry white wine that is extremely elegant.
Aus den Dorfern Schuster 2017 Burgenland, Austria
Gruner Veltliner and Gemischter. Much like a Bourgogne blanc in that it offers complexity and a note of creaminess which elevates its crisp, dry, easy drinking nature. Delicious!
Rothgipfler Weinschloss Malatschek 2016 Malokarpatska, Slovakia
100% Rothgilpfler which is part of the Veltliner family of grape varietals. Weinschloss Malatschek is a 11 generation winery going back to medieval times. Order this if you love veltliner, and/or enjoy dry, complex whites with great aroma and texture.
Les Follasses Michel Gahier 2016 Arbois, France
Chardonnay. A perfect introduction to Jura Chardonnay. Complex, rich, textured, saline, and showing lots of minerality. The Gahier family has been resident in the Jura since 1525.
Catarratto Nino Barraco 2017 Marsala, Sicilia
Catarrato. A classy drop that is unchallenging but has plenty of personality. With each swirl and sip it transports you to Marsala; the warmth, the breeze, the golden light and the sense that the sea is never too far away.
“La Perlee” La Perte Saint Jean Sylvain Dittiere 2015 Saumur-Champigny, France
Chenin blanc. Sylvain is one of the most reputable and exciting young winemakers around. La Perlee is his top Chenin and this is the vintage that is ready to drink. Its gorgeous!
Skin Contact      
“Aloers” Celler Credo 2015 Catalonia, Spain
Xarel-lo. This is really approachable and incredibly classy. Two days of skin contact offer texture and a lovely tropical note to an otherwise racy, dry white wine.
8.5 30 39
“Rio Rocca Berzmein” Il Farneto 2016 Emilia Romagna, Italy
Marzemino - an ancient local grape varietal. A medium bodied, tratorria wine.
Marcillac Pierres Rouges Domaine Lauren 2017 Clairvaux d’Aveyron, France
100% Fer Servadou. An especially versatille food wine that is supple and light in structure and body. Medical studies have indicated that Marcillac is particularly good for the heart as it lowers cholesterol. It’s also delicious!
8 29 37
Zweigelt Fux A & M Nittnaus 2017 Burgenland, Austria
Zweigelt. An engaging red. Fux has the texture, lightness of body and fruity note of a gamay.
8 29 38
Champ Blanc Julien Merle 2016 Beaujolais, France
Gamay. A delicious beaujolais. Fruity, textured and very clean and fresh.
Comunica Garnatxa Cellar Comunica 2012 Montsant, Spain
100% Garnatxa. A rich red with body and age that is showing really well. Velvet smooth, fresh with a lovely long finish.
Sainte Foy Bordeaux - Grand Vin Chateau des Treilles 2015 Bordeaux, France
Bordeaux blend. As classy as hell, with all the restraint and elegance you would expect from the region. The owner of the vineyard is chef de cave at Pontet Canet and both he and is wife are world experts on biodynamics.
Marisa Guillot-Broux 2017 Borgogne, France
Gamay and Pinot Noir. I love a gamay, pinot blend. You get all the texture and easy drinking of a gamay and that delicate hit of pinot noir that just elevates it and lengthens the finish. We have served Guillot Broux wines throughout our first year of trading as they are wonderful.
Pinot Klavner Weinschloss Malatschek 2016 Malokarpatska, Slovakia
Pinot Noir. Weinschloss Malatschek is a 11 generation winery going back to medieval times, producing traditional German single variety wines. This is a stunning wine!
Chinon Gabare Domain Grosbois 2017 Loire, France
Cabernet Franc. Domaine Grosbois, family owned since 1820 can trace its connection to the land as far back as the French Revolution. This is an excellent Chinon that has had the time it needed in bottle and is tasting great right now. Expect dark fruit notes and a elegant, defined, pure wine. Medium in body, full of flavour.
Faugeres Jadis Leon Barral 2015 Languedoc-Rousillon, France
Craignan, Grenache and Syrah. Rich, intense, seductive and warming with smooth tanins and a long finish. Blackish purple in colour. Perfect with rich meats. Tasting great!
Margaux Grand Cru Exceptionnel Bel Air Marquis d’Aligre 2001 Bordeaux, France
35% Merlot 30% Cab Sav. 20% Cab Franc. 15% Petit Verdot. In his 69th vintage, using vines dating back to 1870, employing practices that have remained unaltered since 1950!

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